Our History

November 2016: Defense Intelligence Service turns federal, shedding its Provincial ways. As a result, we have moved forward with plans to build a tactical training center, with range access. This allows our PMCs to maintain their skills, while offering services as a law enforcement and military trainer.


The "Private Military Company" concept rebooted.

The concept of Private Military Contractors, or PMCs, isn't new. It has gone by other names, garnering notoriety in the process. Since 9/11, the use of private contractors has evolved into a new entity with mixed reviews.

Governments have used PMCs for domestic and foreign missions where there is no military option. PMCs work as Quick Reaction Forces, Personal Security Detachment, and Consultants. PMCs have found a niche in the world for two important reasons. You can't always walk in with a military force, and using military options present their own problems. We are just the obvious choice.


"You Get What You Pay For."

When there is little or no oversight, people get killed. When this happens, government's get involved.

New Rules of Engagement were established to rein in the "cowboy" mentality which plagued the industry. Bad publicity continues to exist after a number of US based companies are prosecuted. The main reason for these problems comes back to oversight. The results are felt across the industry.

Our management philosophy is to promote personal responsibility and team accountability. We create and enforce Rules of Engagement, which prevent the typical problems witnessed in the media. Avoiding problems discreetly, rather than using the "John Wayne" approach, has kept our clients safe and media-free. We are paid for results, not negative headlines.

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