Protective Services training has been around since the early 80s. Everyone has a different idea what it should comprise of. Martial artists think the key lies in their ability to fight. Police think law enforcement training is equal to protection training. Security training schools teach their students basic security training, pretending that it's "bodyguard" training. Many students have been duped and don't realize it.

There are only a few schools qualified to teach close protection training. They are scattered across North America, with a couple in the U.K. and Europe. Many of the schools in Canada speak of a federal bodyguard license where none exists. Many have no clue what they are doing. They pass off their graduates as "trained', possessing insufficient qualifications to do the job effectively. Potential clients come to Canada with a distrust, having seen these graduates up close.

To meet the problem, we use a program taught by the US Army Military Police School called the Protective Services Training Course (7H-F18/830-F13). We have broken the program down into 5 blocks, each a minimum of 40 hrs long. The Close Protection Training Course teaches Protection Details, Escape and Evasion Driving, Protective Intelligence (Advances), Threat Assessments, and Firearms. Certificates are issued upon completion. 80% is required to be considered a passing grade.

Presently, this course is available in-house only. This will change once our new center is open. Subscribe to our mailing list for more information.