Close Protection

Close Protection training has been around since the early 80s. Everyone has a different idea what it should comprise of. Martial artists think the key lies in their ability to fight. Police think law enforcement training is the same as close protection training. Security training schools teach their students basic security training, and charging extra for "bodyguard" training. The public is constantly being duped and doesn't even realize it.

There are a handful of schools that are qualified to teach close protection training. Most are in the US. Of the schools in Canada we have spoken with, none have satisfied our standards. Many have no clue what they are doing, while passing off their graduates as "trained', possessing insufficient qualifications to do the job effectively. No wonder clients coming to Canada have a distrust. It doesn't help that many believe Canadians are simply "nice."

To meet the problem, we borrowed in a program used by the US Army Military Police School called the Protective Services Training Course (7H-F18/830-F13). Our program is broken down into 5 blocks, each 1 week long. Each block deals with specific sections of the Close Protection Training Course; Protection Details, Escape and Evasion Driving, Protective Intelligence (Advances), Threat Assessments, and Firearms. Certificates are issued upon completion. 80% is required to be considered a passing grade.

Presently, these courses are available as needed, and only to those in our agency. This will change once our new center is open. Subscribe to our mailing list for more information.

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